Customer case studies

Södra Långasjö

In autumn 2016, Södra took the decision to upgrade the sawmill in Långasjö. The background to the decision was a restructuring within Södra that required a capacity increase in Långasjö from 280,000 cubic metres of sawn product to 360,000 cubic metres. Södra opted for a fully optimized profiling line from AriVislanda AB with a speed of up to 150 metres per minute.

Setra Färila

In autumn 2015, AriVislanda AB supplied an upgrade of the log processing group to Setra Färila. The delivery included a new log rotator with electric operation, an LT-2E, a new log infeeder in the form an LI-600P as well as a log saw and profiler in the form of a QSS-700 and a P-700.

– We chose AriVislanda as a supplier as their concept meets our demands for function and quality in a cost-efficient way,” says Mattias Forslund, Site Manager at Setra Färila


A circular line adapted for both logs and blocks with profiling. The sawline has a capacity to process up to 90,000 cubic metres of unsorted logs in one shift. The sawline includes a 3D scanner for optimization. The profiling system have the same recovery as a modern board edger system. This is achieved by AriVislandas own developed skewing system which allows the board to be placed diagonally along the log, this is done by moving the cutter heads of the profiler vertically during cutting. Every board is calculated and optimized individual by dimension and placement on the log.


In summer 2018, we will be supplying a P-670 Profiler to NK Lundströms in Tväråbäck, near Umeå. This investment will enable NK Lundströms to reduce the pressure on the edging plant, giving them the opportunity to increase their production at a high level of quality.

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