If you choose equipment from AriVislanda, it will stay up to date for a long time. We continuously develop
conversion kits and other aids for older machines, to adapt them to new work methods or new
customer preferences, or we use newly developed components with enhanced performance. We also offer several
kinds of condition-based agreements, which aim to increase the availability of your sawline through preventive maintenance.


Installations kept in good condition pay for themselves year after year. Our experienced, competent service engineers, provide you with service throughout the whole life of your installation. Our warehouse and our own manufacturing facility in Vislanda enable us also to offer you spare parts with a high level of availability.

The Service Department can also suggest improvements and modifications of installations.
If you sign a service and inspection agreement with us, we offer regular service with competent staff, a reassuring guarantee that pays for itself.

Under Contact us you can find phone numbers and email addresses to book a service appointment.